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Yearly combined Infrared-Thermographic & Ultrasound inspection surveys (see picture above) will reduce your maintenance costs and energy and fuel usage, increase equipment and component life, reduce the frequency of major overhauls and replacements, prevent emergency shutdowns, and eliminate costly loss of production. This will elevate confidence and morale amongst your clients and staff, increase production, and retain a higher value in your company's assets.
Infrared-Thermographic & Ultrasound inspection surveys will also reveal hidden FIRE-RISK HAZARDS. Our Inspection-survey services should also be applied to COMMISSIONING & COMPLETION projects. Faults found at this time can be referred back to the contractor or supplier for correction or replacement under their guarantee, or a partial payment can be withheld until their work meets with a satisfactory level of quality on a follow-up Infrared-Thermographic & Ultrasound inspection.

Corrosion Control for Instrumentation & Electrical / Electronic Systems. We are approved suppliers & installers of SENSON Vapour-pad Corrosion protection. This protection can be installed during our Pro-active maintenance inspections above.

Australian Associate's office:
Romeck (Aust.) PTY LTD
73 Hossack Ave, Parkwood,
Perth, Australia WA 6147
Mobile: +61403238557
Email: Peter Koh

We also do Noise Zoning Surveys

We are also licensed & certified by EMTEC of UK to make the ear impressions for, and supply their Noise-Breaker Personalized Hearing Protectors.

The Universe

Would you believe that when I put this video onto my site, WAYN removed it as having “unfit content”! Its Artistic, Educational, & Amusing. (Contains Thermographic-Infrared Astronomy-Imaging.)

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